DrivenAD Brings your ADS to the road! Larger than life, high clarity images can cover all rear windows, back and bumber area of any Ride-Share vehicle.


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There are over 750,000 rideshare drivers in the United States. DrivenAD’s ad network lets you connect with your consumers across the nation. And best of all its very affordable, NO monthly subscription payments.

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There are over 750,000 rideshare drivers in the United States alone. DrivenAD is the first and largest ad network to provide exterior-quality graphics vehicle advertising on cars used by Ride-Share drivers.


Real-time updates within your dashboard on your ad campaigns, from tracking data around every calls received and listening to every call recordings to see if your employees are providing an excellent customer experience over the phone, now thats very important! .


Unlike our so called “competitors” you will have no monthly subscription payment, you only pay us $2.99 per calls you get from customers, every single call is tracked and recorded.

Our Mission

In this world of advertising clutter, DRIVENAD offer your business a street level, “in-your-face” presence, reaching thousands of people on local roadways and in local businesses – EVERY DAY! And best of all you pay nothing unless we actually get you customers. DRIVENAD is an on-demand rideshare advertising platform. We connect advertisers to rideshare drivers to display your ads locally or nationwide.

The DRIVENAD Call Tracking service measures the impact of each ad we place, by tracking the calls that are associated with the specific ad. We provide you with a tracking phone number that connects to any phone number of your choice. This number is then placed on the ad and when a customer dials the DRIVENAD tracking number, we forward the call to your pre-assigned destination – with no change in the process – business as usual. The call is then analyzed by DRIVENAD and presented to you through real-time reports, accessible via an online portal.


Unlike our so called “competitors” you will have no monthly subscription payment, you only pay us $2.99 per calls you get from customers, every single call is tracked and recorded so you can evaluate each call and see if you call center or employees are doing a good job at answering the calls and see whether or not they are providing a great customer service which is vital to your business.


Sign Up Today!

Sign Up Today!


UberX or Lyft driver? Earn up to a $1000 or more placing relevant ads on your car. Sign up today. You will not have to download an app, buy a tablet or pay a sign up fee. Simply sign up and start earning. Once you are approved to work with DrivenAD, we will ship you the AD material to place on the rear window of your car. You will get $1.50 for every call dialed. You will be able to track how many calls the advertisers received at any time within your online dashboard..

Driver sign up

Driver sign up

DrivenAD brought fresh-thinking to the table and helped us shape our marketing Strategy. The number of calls that we were getting daily just of the Ads we placed on the just 4 ride-share cars was mind blowing.  I would definitely recommend DrivenAD to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Amanda Wade

Marketing Director, Jets Pizza ROI

“DrivenAD’s Solutions is necessity to any business looking for offline exposure. Their daily reports for my business are excellent and I’d highly recommend!”


Dan Perry

Owner, Sunshine Window Tinting, IL

“DrivenAD got our law firm marketing in entirely new ways. Their offline marketing savvy produced thousands of calls for our business which we were able to track and listen to call recordings  This was accomplished in just a couple of months! They were patient and worked with me and my staff to get relevant ad campaign. I recommend DrivenAD”


Walt Shaffer

Board Certified Divorce Law Attorney, Shaffer Law Firm.

DrivenAD have taken our branding strategy to next level. Having DrivenAD team has given me back time and given our brand the best results offline.”


Laura Rogers

Best-Selling Author , Ries & Ries

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